Have you got a wood pasture, but don't know how to deal with it?

Woodland Inspirations helps you understand your wood pasture and maximise its benefits for you! You're going to be amazed at the wide range of activities you can undertake while enhancing this valuable habitat and when done sensitively you'll also make some money! We can do a 'walk through' survey from which we give you some broad brush management ideas or carry out an 'in-depth' survey resulting in detailed management options from which you decide what fits you and your land.

Would you want a productive new wood pasture, but don't know where to start?

Having created a new 160 hectare wood pasture for the RSPB at Bruthwaite, Cumbria and enhanced several existing ones, Woodland Inspirations helps you to ensure that your new wood pasture fits in with the latest wood pasture creation grant guidelines, while maximising all production opportunities available to you! Depending on your situation you can 'harvest' a wide range of products from your wood pasture. These products range from the obvious - small sized timber, meat or cheese, or not so obvious - mushrooms, health remedies, colouring dyes and much more. Whatever your interest, there is every chance your wood pasture provides you with the materials you need to achieve your aims.

Measuring diameter of alder pollard
Measuring diameter of alder pollard

Want to know more about wood pastures?

We put together training days for you and/or your employees so that you learn how to recognise a wood pasture when you see one and get to know their importance. In general they are continually grazed woodlands usually with several very old trees, an amazing range of wildlife and some archaeological remains; they make for very special and beautiful habitats. Several land managers really enjoyed their wood pasture training in the Elan Valley, Wales.

Alternatively join Iris of Woodland Inspirations on a wood pasture study tour to the Netherlands, where she will tailor the programme to your needs.

Training how to recognise a wood pasture in Elan Valley
Training how to recognise a wood pasture in Elan Valley

Wood pasture management plans

We can help you create a management plan for your wood pasture. Building on the long term work done in Geltsdale, Woodland Inspirations have devised detailed management plans e.g. Thornthwaite Hall, Cumbria. Sustainable management options are given to make it easy for owners to decide their next steps.

Have a look at Geltsdale's wood pasture [pdf 5.8MB], a well illustrated booklet, to see what sensitive long term management can achieve, but be patient, it may take a little time to open. If you like what you see contact us to discuss how similar work can be achieved at your site. A hard copy of the booklet is available from Iris Glimmerveen for £5.00.

So if you have a wood pasture, are responsible for one or want to create a brand new one, Woodland Inspirations can help.

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