Past projects

Cumbria Wood and Forestry Festival - 2013


Forest to Fire - 2012

Following on from previous successes Woodland Inspirations was asked again to fill the Forestry Section of the Westmorland Show, but this time to show how people with a small woodland can contribute to a greener living style by making their woodland work for them. So we put up plenty of tree related activities and exciting demonstrations to show the processing and burning of fuelwood in your own home as efficiently as possible - and in the process saving you some of your well earned cash as well! We even showed how to move a sizeable log without breaking your back!

Bruthwaite Forest

When Malcolm Stott then working for the RSPB came to ECCP with the idea to plant a 160 hectare new native wood pasture on their Geltsdale reserve, it fell to Iris to obtain the grants for it, liaise with the many stakeholders and then design it. By taking her cues from the existing vegetation she ensured that:

  • the new wood pasture fits in the landscape
  • benefits to wildlife (black grouse and red squirrel in particular) are maximised
  • the site's industrial archaeology is conserved
  • the public can walk through it so that they can enjoy seeing it blossom.

The RSPB is looking after it and it is now held up as one of the best examples of new native woodland planting.

New wood pasture establishing well at Bruthwaite
New wood pasture establishing well at Bruthwaite

Cumbria Wood & Forestry Festival 2009 - 2010

Funded from both Cumbria Fells and Dales and Solway, Border & Eden Rural Development Programmes, Woodland Inspirations delivered a year long programme of flag ship events for the Wood Education Programme. Each event had a myriad of stands from which visitors from Cumbria (and beyond) got a good idea how woodlands:

  • provide a home for special wildlife
  • benefit people's physical health and mental well-being
  • give people a sense of place and time
  • create Cumbria's landscape

In addition the events showed that useful products are created from woodlands and that woodlands need to be managed to produce the right timber for these products. So woodland managers, green wood and forestry industry workers alike demonstrated their small and large scale machinery and equipment together with the specialist skills on how to use them. Each event had a theme:

  • 'Celebrating Time Honoured Trees' was a forest festival of light linking woodlands and individual trees to the past
  • 'Talkin Treemendous' illustrated how forests inspire art
  • 'Trading with Trees' highlighted commercial opportunities for timber growers
  • the 'Green Wood Fair' brought all together

Held in different parts of Cumbria the events gave a good idea of what happens in Cumbria's woodlands.

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