The best parts from the visit to Germany

For me the best of the German action was that the plans became reality. The ideas were fine, all my guests worked with us, no one said it is boring or I do not like that. All participants, the German, the British and the Rumanian worked together, read together the stories, they tried to speak to each other - sometimes with hands and mimic - but they did it. The weather was wet and cold and this fact had also not influenced our working together.

Every day had its highlight, the beginning with the story reading in Königssee, the second day in Torgau with the nice Ringenhainhaus and its Green Man pictures, on Sunday the visit by Wolfgang Köppe and his paintings and sculptures, on Monday 'our own' artist and our Green Man and the public reading. Perhaps this was the absolute highlight of the action, everyone had a lot of fun and the reading was interesting for some of our ordinary citizens. No really I can not say what was the best.

Written by Iris Glimmerveen on 21 April 2015

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