Some Green Men in Romania by Monica Oprean

The two-year ‘Awakening the Green Man’ Grundtvig Partnership Project resulted in some interesting legacies. In Romania this has included local people searching for and identifying ‘Green men’ in sculpture and creating a discovery tour for local people and visitors to enjoy. The Satul Verde Association was also influenced by another Grundtvig (Development of Innovation) project called ‘Sharing Landscapes’, led by Tinta Education in Sweden. In Sharing Landscapes I took part in a training development action led by Grampus Heritage, to share the landscape of West Cumbrian churches in the United Kingdom; later I was asked to review and test the e-learning curriculum that was developed. The process made me realise that landscape was something that could be used more for informal teaching and learning. It was a next step to bring ‘Green Man’ and ‘Sharing’ together to create a learning opportunity for adult students, learners and trainers.

Written by Iris Glimmerveen on 21 April 2015

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