Awakening the Green Man

An European partnership project

For two years Woodland Inspirations, UK together with partners Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung, Germany and Satul Verde, Romania have delivered the ‘Awakening the Green Man’ project. During the project we have discovered a lot about this enigmatic Green Man figure; he clearly stands for renewal, rejuvenation, sustainability and anything ‘green’, but his strongest connection seems to be with trees, as one of his main characteristics is tree leaves coming from his mouth or nose, signifying the importance of the Green Man breathing life into trees and other plants.

Green Man make overs

Over time he has had many ‘make overs’ as he goes back even to early Egyptian times. Then he was the God Osiris, a God in charge of death and renewal, and was displayed with a green skin, so literally a Green Man! He has also had many different names; during the Roman Empire he was known as Sylvanus, whereas in Cypriot culture he was called Hylates and was a guise of the God Apollo. In the UK he is called Herne the Hunter, Jack in the Green or Old Man of the Woods and images of him can be seen in churches, but you have to seek out the more obscure places to do so, as he was not a Christian figure, but a pagan one.

Where you can see the Green Man

Rosslyn Chapel in Rosslyn near Edinburgh boasts 110 different Green Man faces, but one of the earliest (dating from 1120AD) can be seen above the entrance door of Great Salkeld’s church in Cumbria, UK. We found similar decorations in both Sachsen Anhalt, Germany and in the Apuseni Mountains, Romania, but now that these images can be found throughout Europe. Clearly he has been displayed in many different ways, even now he still inspires countless contemporary artists to create wonderful Green Man images, including one by Alison White specially created for the Awakening the Green Man project. Lucian Gaita (Romania) and David Lessing (Germany) created a Green Man sculpture each.

Green Man image created by Ali White
Green Man image created by Ali White
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