Cumbria's Top 50 Trees

Many people from Cumbria have nominated their favourite tree. You can find the poignant winner: 'The Courageous Tree' and the amazing others here.

Snow and sunlight turning this 'ordinary' tree into a special one
Snow and sunlight turning this 'ordinary' tree into a special one


About the project

At a time when trees have never been under such threat from climate change, pests and diseases, Cumbria’s Top 50 Trees inspired you to celebrate the county’s biggest and most magnificent living plants. It urged you to declare why you love a particular tree, what makes it so special, when it touched your heart and where it is - so others can seek it out and share the magic.

From children climbing branches for conkers, to lovers carving initials on a tree trunk, to ramblers sheltering from a freak hailstorm beneath a cosy canopy of leaves, nearly everyone has a unique memory about a special tree in Cumbria.

With this project we gathered together these precious tree tales and drew out their historical, biological and cultural significance in a new and exciting way.

In order to hear voices that may never have been heard before, trained volunteers explored every corner of Cumbria. From our website to word-of-mouth whispers and workshops, face-to-face interviews and emails, our ever-growing tree of knowledge guarantees a living, leafy legacy for current and future generations.

From hundreds of stories, we selected Cumbria’s top 50 trees and opened them up to public vote to find our most iconic specimen.

Upon hearing the first of our public nominations we began to unearth the hidden stories about our amazing tree and woodland heritage. These, in turn, help us to appreciate the vital role that they play in the much-loved environment and cultural landscape of Cumbria.


A bunch of amazing volunteers recorded people's favourite trees, their stories and passions helped to share and keep this information forever.

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